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Please note that this FAQ is just for employers, there is a separate FAQ for Candidates.

What is The Legal Recruitment Fair ?

Legal Recruitment Fair (LRF)  is a legal job fair – a first of its kind event organized by Law Pundits LLP, aimed exclusively at connecting Law Firms, Legal Tech Companies and In-house roles with Candidates who has a law degree and is interested in working in the legal profession.

How Old is the Legal Recruitment Fair?

Legal Recruitment Fair has been held since 2016. 

Who organizes LRF?

Legal Recruitment Fair has been conceived and organized by Law Pundits LLP. 

Why Should I participate in LRF?

There is perhaps no better forum (that we know of) where you can reach out directly to potential employees for a legal role than through this online recruitment fair. It is a wonderful opportunity to reach the right candidate sitting at your office. No matter where the candidates are based, through LRF, you can reach out to them and do an online presentation about your firm, the openings you have etc. You also have the opportunity to present it directly to the right audience and best of all, there is no charge for this. 

What is the Biggest value addition by being part of the Legal Recruitment Fair ?

On average, an organization spends a large amount of money on advertising for positions across various media. The Legal recruitment fair is a platform that would inevitably save you a lot of time and money on your legal recruitment needs. You can save on travel costs to various locations throughout the year and you can save precious time by the prescreening process, where you set the criteria and shortlist the candidates. If you choose to, you can also have the first round of interviews conducted with the potential candidate, without even leaving your office. How much more convenient can it get? It has been tried and tested in many countries and you can completely do away with law school visits or multiple job fairs just be being part of LRF.

When will the program be held?

Legal Recruitment Fair will be held twice in a year in the following jurisdictions and on the following dates. 

Canada –  May 28th, 2020

Registration Start date: May 1st, 2020
Registration End date: May 25th, 2020             
Event Date: May 28th 2020

United States – June 4th, 2020

Registration Start date: May 5th 2020
Registration End date: June 2nd 2020             
Event Date: June 4th 2020

Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates  –  July 8th, 2020

Registration Start date: June 10th 2020
Registration End date: July 7th 2020             
Event Date: July 8th 2020

United Kingdom  –  July 28th, 2020

Registration Start date: June 15th 2020
Registration End date: July 27th 2020             
Event Date: July 28th 2020

Australia – July 30th, 2020

Registration Start date: June 20th 2020
Registration End date: July 29th 2020             
Event Date: July 30th 2020

Fall Dates will be published soon

Who are the typical candidates attending LRF 2017?

Three categories of attendees will be there. First Category is the final year law candidates enrolled in LLB and LLM programs from the city where the position is based. The second category is those with experience between one to five years. Although we might have candidates with more than 5 year’s experience, it is unlikely for you to find many with this level of experience. 

Which employers are eligible to participate?

LRF host entities including, Law Firms, Companies, and Legal Tech firms from around the world who have been invited to present the job openings in legal roles to prospective candidates.

How do I register?

Employers must register online.

What happens after I register?

Once you register, you can choose the time slot you wish to make the online presentation. Please note you have 20 minutes to present your firm and the opening. Candidates can ask questions anonymously and the moderator will present the questions to you. 

What are the registration fees?

There are no charges for the employer. 

I still have more questions. What should I do?

You can submit your specific question using the form on the right side of the page or you can email us on [email protected]

Have another question ?

If you have any questions that we haven't covered in the FAQ, please use this form to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Please include as many details as you can.

I have some more questions, can I talk to someone?2020-05-06T08:54:56+00:00

Yes! You can email [email protected]  or you can submit your query through the Contact us page.

Are there any prerequisites to be part of LRF?2020-05-06T08:54:34+00:00

You can you be in the pen-ultimate year, final year or a qualified lawyer/attorney. The jobs are exclusively connected to law or law related functions.

How do billing and refunds work?2020-05-06T08:54:19+00:00

The billing is only one time chargeable at the time of registration. You can request refund any time before the start of the session for the respective country or session you registered for.

Will all presentation take place at the same time?2020-05-06T08:53:52+00:00

No each of the presentation takes place at different times. The schedule will be published on the website and will also be emailed to you.

What’s the difference between Basic Whole Year and Worldwide?2020-05-06T08:52:33+00:00

LRF will take place in six countries. The basic registration gives you access to LRF in any one of the jurisdictions for the LRF taking place either in May/June or in October. The Whole Years gives you access to all LRFs taking place in any one region in both the Summer session and the Fall session. The LRF worldwide gives you access to all participating countries for Summer session or Fall session.