Please note that this FAQ is just for candidates, there is a separate FAQ for Employers.

What is The Legal Recruitment Fair?

Legal Recruitment Fair is an online legal job fair – an innovative event organized by Law Pundits LLP, aimed exclusively for connecting candidates who hol a law degree or is about to qualify as a lawyer/attorney and is interested in working in the legal profession with Law firms, as in-house counsels and other jobs involving legal roles.  It is conceived and organized by Law Pundits LLP. The first Legal Recruitment Fair had taken place in 2016 focusing only on one country and it has been taking place multiple times each year since then.

What countries are the focus of the Legal Recruitment Fair?

The Legal Recruitment Fair, since 2020 focuses on six countries. 

  • Canada 
  • United States 
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates  
  • United Kingdom  
  • Australia 

When is the Legal Recruitment Fair held?

LRF is held on the following dates in the following countries: 

  • Canada –  May 28th, 2020
  • United States – June 4th, 2020
  • Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates  –  July 8th, 2020
  • United Kingdom  –  July 28th, 2020
  • Australia – July 30th, 2020

Another round will be held in October 2020 as well. The dates will be announced here.

Where will the program be held?

The Legal Recruitment Fair is completely online. 

Can I apply and be part of LRF if I am not from any of the above countries?

You may absolutely be part of LRF and join LRF for any of the countries sessions, however not all employers might be open to accepting candidates from all jurisdictions.

What are the important dates?

The LRF 2020 will take place two times. Once in the summer of 2020 and once in the fall of 2020. The important dates are as follows:

Canada –  May 28th, 2020

Registration Start date: May 1st, 2020
Registration End date: May 25th, 2020             
Event Date: May 28th 2020

United States – June 4th, 2020

Registration Start date: May 5th 2020
Registration End date: June 2nd 2020             
Event Date: June 4th 2020

Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates  –  July 8th, 2020

Registration Start date: June 10th 2020
Registration End date: July 7th 2020             
Event Date: July 8th 2020

United Kingdom  –  July 28th, 2020

Registration Start date: June 15th 2020
Registration End date: July 27th 2020             
Event Date: July 28th 2020

Australia – July 30th, 2020

Registration Start date: June 20th 2020
Registration End date: July 29th 2020             
Event Date: July 30th 2020

Fall Dates will be published soon

Which potential employers will be attending LRF?

Law Firms and Companies make up the bulk of the employers presenting at LRF. 

Who is eligible to participate?

All qualified lawyers and final year law students enrolled in JD/LLB (due to complete the law program in less than 4months) and LLM programs can apply to be considered for attending in LRF.  However please note most of our positions are for lawyers from 0 to 5 years PQE.

Are there any charges to apply?

Yes, there is a nominal fee between US $ 29 and US $ 59 based on the option you choose. Please refer to the pricing page 

Does the registration guarantee an Interview with the participating law firms or companies?

You can be part of the legal recruitment fair and attend it online, but shortlisting candidates is exclusively up to the employers.

What happens after I apply?

Once you apply to attend LRF, you can submit your resume as well. We collate the resumes and submit it to prospective employers. Please note we will only send the resumes if you are interested in us sending it or processing it and only if you have expressly stated that we can submit it on your behalf. If you prefer to send it yourself, you can do that. If we submit the resume, we will publish your unique code that only you are aware of, in the LRF website. The advantage of applying with us is that you will only have to send one application and we will forward it to all employers you have chosen (unless the respective employer has a very specific requirement that you have to apply on their website). 

How is my data handled?

The data you give to us usually includes the data that is contained in your resume. Only if you decide to submit a resume through us and grant us explicit permission to send your resume to the participating law firm or organization will we send your data to the participating employer. You have the option to send the resume yourself.

How many employers can I apply to?

There is no limit to the number of employers to which a candidate can apply.

What format should I upload the Resume/CV ?

Please ensure that you upload your CV as a word (.doc or .docx) file or a PDF.  Also please make sure that it is named in the mentioned format (name_resume.doc). Please watch our video on Resume

Am I guaranteed an interview spot?

No, it entirely depends on the employer. Law Pundits have no control over it.

I took my first degree in Law from a lesser-known university or law school, would that limit my chances for an interview?

Not necessarily, if your career background matches that of what an employer is looking for, it would not matter.

I still have more questions and would like to learn the process in detail. What should I do?

Please reach out to with your specific queries using the form on the left hand side.

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