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“The Legal Recruitment Fair is a good opportunity for law students, as it gives everybody a fair chance.”
“This was a very good experience”
“I would like to congratulate Law Pundits for organizing such a successful event”
“Thanks for organizing such an event, it would be much better if organized every three months”


After the success of the last two Legal Recruitment Fairs, we are pleased to invite you to register for the third iteration of Legal Recruitment Fair for the opportunity to be offered a position with some of the most prominent legal employers in the Country. The Legal Recruitment Fair (LRF) is the first of its kind event aimed at law graduates, lawyers and final year law students with the aim of promoting legal skills and employment.

From this year onwards, the Legal Recruitment Fair will have a re-vamped structure to cater a much larger array of lawyers and employers.

This event is being conceived and organized by Law Pundits LLP to facilitate the hiring of qualified Indian lawyers as well as final year law students enrolled in LLB and LLM programs nationwide.

LRF 3.0 strives to bring Law Firms, Companies and LPOs from across the country into a single platform for hiring lawyers and final year law students for various legal positions. Apply today for a chance to be considered by some of the best legal employers.

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After the success of Legal Recruitment Fair 2016 and 2017, we are pleased to invite you to participate along with other prominent Companies, Law firms and Legal Process Outsourcing firms in the third iteration of Legal Recruitment Fair (LRF) – Legal Recruitment Fair 3.0. Conceptualized and organized by Law Pundits LLP, LRF is the first of its kind event aimed at connecting Employers with qualified and experienced lawyers as well fresh law graduates. LRF 2016 and 2017 had several thousands of well-qualified applicants from across the country, vetted and reviewed, saving employers countless hours as well as the opportunity to interact with the candidates more efficiently and effectively. The ease and convenience of LRF 3.0 is such that you can interact and interview potential candidates based anywhere in India without leaving your office.

Some of the best candidates from across the country apply to be part of LRF. You can have your own filtering process thereby ensuring you literally have your pick of exceptional candidates from all across the country. We doubt, if it will ever get more convenient that this both for the employer and candidate.

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