Frequently Asked Questions and their answers for Employers.

Please note that this FAQ is just for employers, there is a separate FAQ for Candidates.

What is The Legal Recruitment Fair ?

Legal Recruitment Fair (LRF)  is a legal job fair – a first of its kind event organized by Law Pundits LLP, aimed exclusively at connecting Law Firms, LPOs and Companies with Candidates who has a law degree and is interested in working in the legal profession.

Is Legal Recruitment Fair Organized for the first time?

Legal Recruitment Fair has been held for the past two years. This is the third iteration of LRF.

Why Should I participate in LRF 3.0?

There is no better forum (that we know of) in India where you can reach out directly to potential employees for a legal role, through the methods that is used in LRF 3.0. As an HR professional, Talent Acquisition Manager or Lawyer, there is no better way to reach out to the right candidate sitting at your office. No matter where the candidates are based, through LRF, you can reach out to them and conduct the interview, all the while not leaving your office.

What is Biggest value addition by being part of the Legal Recruitment Fair ?

On an average, a law firm/company/LPO etc gets several hundreds of invitations to attend law campuses across india for the campus placements. Apart from that, an employer spends several thousand on advertising for positions across various medias. The Legal recruitment fair is a platform that would inevitably save you a lot of time and money on your legal recruitment needs. You can save on travel cost to various locations throughout the year and you can save precious time by the prescreening process, where you set the criteria and shortlist the candidates. You can also have the first round of interview conducted with the potential candidate, without even leaving your office. How much more convenient can it get?

When will the program be held?

Starting from this year, the Legal Recruitment Fair will be held in 4 different seasons throughout the year. Please check below for the dates:


Registration Start date: March 10th 2017
Registration End date: April 25th 2017
Event Date: May 10th – May 12th 2017


Registration Start date: June 1st 2017
Registration End date: July 28th 2017
Event Date: August 7th – August 10th 2017


Registration Start date: September 1st 2017
Registration End date: October 27th 2017
Event Date: November 13th – November 16th 2017


Registration Start date: December 1st 2017
Registration End date: January 31st 2018
Event Date: February 5th – February 7th 2018

Who are the typical candidates attending LRF 2017?

Three categories of attendees will be there. First Category is the final year law candidates enrolled in LLB and LLM programs nationwide. The second category is those with experience between one to three years. The third category is law graduates with over three years’ experience.

Which employers are eligible to participate?

LRF host entities including, Law Firms LPOs and Companies from India and around the world who have been invited to meet with and young lawyers and final year law students for potential legal jobs and internships in the India and abroad. If you are a recruitment agency please do not register.

How are interview schedules created?

Legal Recruitment Fair is 100% pre-screened; employers indicate hiring criteria when registering to participate in the program. We encourage employers to think broadly when selecting practice experience in the schedule request system to maximize student applicants.

How many interviews are on an interview schedule?

We will work with you to create the interview that is most ideal for you.

How do I ensure I get the right candidates?

The candidates after being shortlisted, select the firms or companies they are interested in applying to and once they make their selection, CV shall be sent to you. So the CVs that you receive are CVs of candidates that expressed interest in an employer. If there are additional criteria, we will filter the CVs accordingly.

How do I register?

Employers must register online. When you register, you will be able to indicate your hiring criteria, including the college of a law degree, language skills, and practice areas.

What are the registration fees?

The fee is INR 5000/- This fee cover resume collection, interview scheduling and administration, one interview table, and space for one interviewer for each schedule. Invoices will be forwarded within two weeks of your schedule confirmation.

Have another question ?

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